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In New Statement, Harold Camping Admits Family Radio was Wrong to Predict Rapture

I first became obsessed with Harold Camping and Family Radio nearly a year ago when I heard Camping’s bold statements about the impending rapture and end of the world. Part of what made his radio broadcasts so compelling was that he expressed his beliefs with absolute certainty. When callers to his “Open Forum” talk show […]

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Family Radio’s “Open Forum” On Hiatus While Harold Camping Recovers from Stroke

Last week there were reports that Family Radio‘s 50-year-old “Open Forum” program was being cancelled in light of Family Radio founder Harold Camping’s recent stroke on June 9th. In recent months, the religious network’s call-in talk show has been a vehicle for discussions about the predicted May 21, 2011 “Judgment Day” and Rapture. When I […]

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Family Radio's Rapture Fallout Prompts Letters to FCC and Congress

Family Radio’s Rapture Fallout Prompts Letters to FCC and Congress

The hype surrounding Family Radio’s prediction of Judgment Day and the Rapture on May 21 (and subsequent pronouncement that the Rapture will be delayed until October 21, 2011) not only attracted the attention of mainstream media, religious scholars, and atheists; but it also has led to much conversation amongst proponents of non-commercial educational radio. Before […]

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