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Image of wetland where recording were made by Wetland Project

Podcast #330: Wetland Project and Slow Radio

The Radio Survivors return with a new podcast episode! On this edition of the show, we discuss soundscapes and the concept of slow radio. Our guests, artists Brady Marks and Mark Timmings are the creators and producers of the 7th annual Wetland Project slow radio broadcast, taking place on Earth Day on April 22, 2023. […]

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Image of cover of Princeton Review Best 387 Colleges book, which includes "Greatest College Radio Stations"

Flashback to Princeton Review’s “Great College Radio Station” 2022 List

What are the best college radio stations? I’ve enjoyed scrutinizing these sorts of lists for years, in particular Princeton Review’s “best college radio station” rankings in its yearly college guides. Based on student surveys, these lists attempt to rank the popularity of college radio on the campuses which participate in the Princeton Review surveys. The […]

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Wall of WCDB stickers. Lettering in black accented with yellow. Photo: J. Waits

Radio Station Visit #166: College Radio Station WCDB at University at Albany

As I wandered through a labyrinth-like campus center building looking for college radio station WCDB after a long day of cross-country travel, it felt like the olden days before 2020, when I used to regularly take field trips to radio stations, often mapping out ridiculously ambitious schedules for myself in order to see as many […]

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Photo of college radio station door at WCDB plastered with stickers, including WCDB sticker. Photo: J. Waits

Podcast #329: New York College Radio Tours

The Radio Survivors return with a new podcast episode! Jennifer reports on her visits to four college radio stations in New York state in November, 2022. Part of a longtime project to document radio station field trips, these recent tours are her first since 2019. As COVID-19 restrictions have loosened, stations are largely back to […]

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4 television monitors displaying twitter feeds. Photo by Lori Emerson

Podcast #328: Media Archaeology and Other Networks

The Radio Survivors return with a new episode! For this edition, recorded in July, 2022, our guest is Lori Emerson, Founding Director of the Media Archaeology Lab (the MAL). She’s also an Associate Professor in the English Department and Director of the Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance Program at University of Colorado at Boulder. Lori […]

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Franken FM Radio

FCC’s Proposal to Legitimize FrankenFMs Proves It Isn’t in the Business of Taking Stations off the Air

The FCC is not in the business of taking licensed radio stations off the air. This is something I’ve been telling community and college radio folks for well over a decade, especially when they get themselves tied up in knots of anxiety trying to read certain regulations like literary theory, worried that a fine over […]

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RS Podcast Generic Feature Image - Mixing Desk

Podcast #326: The State of Listening and Broadcast Radio in 2022

The annual Infinite Dial survey from Edison Research was recently released, showing what people in the US are listening to, and where. It even includes social media platforms like TikTok, which Eric observes young people often use like radio, playing in the background as they go about daily activities. We review the stats, and also […]

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RS Podcast 325 feature image

Podcast #325 – Ukraine Radio, Int’l Women’s Day and Franken FMs

The Radio Survivors return to their microphones to review what’s new in radio. Of course, the Russian invasion of Ukraine hangs heavy over our heads, and we review how the international community is leveraging radio to delivery needed communications and information to Ukrainians, as well as how radio is attempting to serve the Ukrainian diaspora. […]

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