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Sticker-covered cabinet at KDVS. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: Nearly 100 Years of College Radio in Canada and More News

Some interesting college radio history is embedded in a story about Canadian campus-community radio station CFRC. The Queen’s University station stretches back to the 1920s, making it the oldest college radio station in Canada. According to the “90 Years of Queen’s Radio” online exhibit created by the Queen’s University Archives:

Public radio broadcasting from the campus of Queen’s University began in the autumn of 1922, 90 years ago, on experimental station 9BT and then, from 1923, on CFRC. That makes Queen’s Radio older than the BBC, much older than the CBC, and by far the oldest surviving campus station in Canada. In fact, Queen’s Radio has one of the longest continuing histories in radio, close behind the record of the Marconi Company and of KDKA in Pittsburgh. The original idea of some students and two professors in the Department of Electrical Engineering was to convey the action of Queen’s Tricolor football games to alumni all across Ontario, because in those days that was possible, even at low transmitting power. In the early days, Queen’s radiotelephone was picked up as far away as South Carolina, Chicago and Minnesota!

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