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Photo of Williams College's radio station WMS-WCFM doing a remote sports broadcast from the early 1970s. Photo from WCFM archives

Podcast #340 – College Radio History at Williams College

Williams College student Josh Picoult arrived on campus with a fascination for both history and radio. Four years later, he’s about to graduate after completing his undergraduate thesis on the history of college radio station WCFM, where he’s also the general manager. On this edition of Radio Survivor, we are joined by Josh, who talks […]

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Photo of black flag with image of white flag with WPIR logo on it. At college radio station WPIR Pratt Radio. Photo: J. Waits

Radio Station Visit #173: College Radio Station WPIR Pratt Radio

The phrase “The neighbors complain,” circles around what appears to be a black WPIR pirate flag. This imagery on the website for college radio station WPIR Pratt Radio alludes to rumors and half-truths about student radio’s legacy and mysterious history on the Brooklyn, New York campus of the Pratt Institute. As is the case at […]

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Wall of college radio station WSVA. Photo: J. Waits

Radio Station Visit #172: College Radio Station WSVA at The School of Visual Arts

With killer views from the 7th floor of a building in the heart of New York City, it’s no surprise that DJs at The School of Visual Arts’ (SVA) college radio station WSVA joke about wanting to live at the station. “I would love to have this as my apartment,” said Michelle Mullin, WSVA’s Manager […]

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