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RS 142 - WHPK Door - 2x1

Podcast #142 – Touring WHPK’s Bell Tower & YouTube’s ‘Pirate Radio’

Kanye West and Common had an epic freestyle rap battle on WHPK. That’s just one reason why the University of Chicago’s station is interesting and historic. Jennifer Waits takes us on a virtual tour of the studios, located in an actual working bell tower.

Jennifer, Eric and Paul also discuss how college radio has played a formative and supporting role in the development of hip-hop, by providing an open, often uncensored platform for new and emerging artists. Then we dig into a recent New York Times story that proclaims YouTube as the new platform for pirate radio. Paul offers his cranky take on this proclamation.

Now you can catch this episode on YouTube, along with some of Jennifer’s tour photos:

Show Notes

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