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Sign at college radio station This is the office. Photo: J Waits

College Radio Watch: College Radio is Not in Decline, KUSF ‘Zine, and More News

Typically when I’m interviewed by the media about the state of college radio, there’s an underlying assumption by the writer or publication that college radio is in a state of decline. Frequently, I feel like I’m taking a defensive stance, pointing out that radio listenership is still high, that hundreds of college radio stations still exist in the United States, and that students continue to be excited about the prospect of doing radio. For that reason, I was happy to chat with college radio station WUSC for its blog. I wax on with college radio optimism. Thanks to University of South Carolina-based WUSC for the opportunity!

In a similar vein, I gave feedback to historian Katherine Jewell as she was working on her Washington Post piece about the music industry and am pleased that she gives credit to both college radio and low power FM stations for keeping local radio relevant in 2017. The Radio Survivor mention was an added bonus. She writes,

Today, alternatives to the uniformity of corporate radio exist. While music journalists warn of the damage done by the sale of college stations such as WBRU, podcasts and websites such as Radio Survivor highlight college and community radio’s viability and diversity. Stations may be sold and radio consolidation may accelerate, but commercial and non-commercial FM, AM, low-power FM, Internet broadcasting and podcasts still provide community services beyond music discovery. The transformation and disappearance of prominent stations are troubling, but popular college stations do remain.

More College Radio News

New Radio Stations

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College Radio History

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