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Podcast #37 – Preservation, Pirates, and Radionomy

On this week’s show we hear about efforts to preserve radio’s past, and the FCC’s letter writing campaign intended to undermine pirate operators. Jennifer Waits joins to talk about the Library of Congress’ recent Radio Preservation Task Force conference. She explains why preservation efforts provide not just an important record of radio’s past, but also of American culture and history, and details some important efforts happening right now.

Prof. John Anderson of Brooklyn College then reports on a letter writing campaign the FCC has started in the hopes of discouraging businesses of all types from inadvertently helping pirate broadcasters. He tells us why the Commission has to resort to this kind of tactic, and details why he thinks it’s unlikely to succeed.

Also, Paul details how five major labels are suing the Radionomy internet radio platform, and what this means in the ongoing battle to save small and medium-sized webcasters.

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