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College Radio Watch: Role of Radio in Local Concert Scenes, New Station at Cal State LA and More News

In the Buffalo News this week, Jeff Miers writes about radio’s role in the local concert scene in Buffalo. He points out that radio stations and promoters have differing views about the influence of radio on the types of artists that come to town, but he also acknowledges that college radio plays a unique role. Miers writes,

In cases where a strong college radio station continues to operate – SUNY Buffalo State’s WBNY FM, for example – a direct correspondence with the music community beyond the reach of the campuses among music lovers and musicians alike, can often be discerned as well. What has largely been missing from commercial radio is a local, community-based element, however. This is a national trend, not a regional one – playlists have been largely standardized across formats along demographic lines. There isn’t much in the way of ‘free form’ happening in commercial radio, at least during peak hours.”

What do you think? Are you in a city with a deep connection between college radio and music venues? Does airplay on college radio influence the types of bands that come to town? Some college radio stations actually run their own music festivals, as is the case with Corefest in New Jersey (see below).

Profiling RLC’s CoreFest Music Festival at Rutgers

CMJ did an interview with the Music Director at the Core (aka RLC or WVPH 90.3 FM) in order to learn more about the station’s music festival, Corefest, which takes place at Rutgers University this Sunday, April 12th. The radio station is run by Piscataway High School and Rutgers University and “Now in it’s [sic] fourth year, Corefest has become a celebration of the local music scene and a way to connect the station with its listeners. This year the lineup features Perennial Reel, Reward, El Americano, Romp, Sojourner and Young Instruments.”

Golden Eagle Radio Debuts at California State Los Angeles

University Times reports that a new streaming college radio station, Golden Eagle Radio, launched at California State University, Los Angeles this week. According to the piece, “[Faculty advisor Tony] Cox enthusiastically expressed the pioneering step the University is taking by introducing the student radio station. ‘This is a major development for Cal State L.A. and it brings us up to speed with other CSU campuses that already have their student-run radio stations.'”

KCSC Music Director Talks Shop

In a profile of a Chico State University senior, the Orion, features his work as Music Director at student radio station KCSC. According to the article,

Angel Huracha doesn’t have a musical preference. If it makes his heart beat, his leg move and his head swing, he’s sold. ‘Usually this is the part in the interview when someone rips country music or teenybopper central,’ he said. ‘But I would be lying if I didn’t break into a Britney Spears tune or admit that Dolly Parton is my life. I can be music director at KCSC and play Tame Impala and still roll the car window down and relate to Taylor Swift’s ‘1989.’”

KDVS to Hold Annual Fundraiser

University of California, Davis’ college radio station KDVS-FM is making plans for its annual on-air fundraiser later this month. The California Aggie writes that,

Since KDVS prides itself on being a student-driven organization, Nikki Schneider, a third-year design major and publicity director for KDVS, said that she wanted to make sure the premiums were curated by the KDVS community. ‘With KDVS we’re educating the community with our business and it’s entirely student-operated so it’s really rare and unusual,’ Schneider said. ‘It’s really special we have KDVS, which has the biggest college music library in California behind Stanford. Fundraisers are the way we add to that library and keep it maintained.'”

I have to agree that KDVS has a large music library, but I’m super curious how they have determined that Stanford’s record library at college radio station KZSU-FM is larger. I’ve been to both stations (see my KZSU tour here) and I’d be hard-pressed to make that determination. One of the biggest libraries that I’ve seen anywhere is at WMBR-FM at M.I.T. (see my station tour on Spinning Indie)

WLKL Sets up Endowment in Honor of Station’s 40th Anniversary

The Journal-Gazette and Times-Courier wrote about Lake Land College’s 40th anniversary festivities for college radio station WLKL. Alumni came back to the station and were also given the chance to see its broadcasting museum. Additionally, a radio station endowment has been established. According to the piece,

As part of the celebration, the Lake Land College Foundation has set up an opportunity to help future radio broadcasting students by establishing the WLKL 40th Anniversary Endowment. The fundraising goal for this endowment is $20,000 over five years. The first $4,000 in donations will be matched by a generous donor and friend of WLKL. This endowment will not only provide radio broadcasting students with scholarship money to pay for tuition, fees and books, it will also help the department replace outdated equipment to provide the most up-to-date, relevant training to students.”

Westminster Radio Student Wins Charles Parker Prize in UK

Every year exceptional radio students in the United Kingdom compete for the Charles Parker Day Prize. University of Westminster announced that “Joe Ovenall, third year Radio Production BA Honours student, has won the Gold award for Best Student Radio Feature in this year’s Charles Parker Prize. The award was presented at the Annual Charles Parker Day in Glasgow while competitors from the University of Sunderland and Goldsmiths took Silver and Bronze.” The winning feature will air on BBC4Extra next month and it is “an exploration into the strange and mystical behaviour of Black Shuck, the Devil’s dog. Legend says, he lurks along the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. Old Shuck is a menace to anyone who crosses his path.”

WKDU Hosting Show in Gallery

Drexel University’s college radio station WKDU will be holding an acoustic show at the A.J. Drexel Picture Gallery. According to Drexel Now, “An event will feature acoustic sets from three Philly bands performing with the  esteemed art collection as a backdrop. All music will be broadcast on WKDU 91.7 FM, Drexel’s free format, student-run college radio station, during the concert held at 7 p.m. on April 30.” Take a look at the article to catch a glimpse of WKDU’s Leo Blais sign!

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