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What is your radio station’s Facebook strategy?

Jacobs Media has an interesting Xtranormal post on YouTube, which suggests that the rock radio consulting firm thinks that radio stations ought to use their Facebook pages in more interactive ways. Two little Xtranormal piggies stand next to a couch and argue. One is presumably a radio station listener, the other a radio station DJ.

“Why does your radio station post so many things on Facebook and Twitter that I don’t care about?” the listener asks.

Because “we just hope that you’ll provide us with more listening occasions,” the DJ explains.

“I just wanted to be a part of the station and feel that I belong,” the listener responds. “When you asked me to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter, I thought you cared about me. Why do you ask me to do all these things if you don’t really respond to my comments and ideas?”

“Because my boss makes me,” the DJ confides. “He says everyone is on Facebook, so we should be too.”

“But when you don’t acknowledge me socially, you make me think you don’t care,” the listener protests.

“We kind of don’t,” the DJ bluntly explains. “I mean look, we’re busy here and frankly, we’re not used to you having a voice. Try the request line if you have something to say.”

“I did.”


“You didn’t answer.”

“Like I said, we were busy.”

The video suggests that Facebook users have audiences too, and they can be tapped for a better brand and bigger market share. What the dialogue doesn’t acknowledge is that radio stations always walk a fine line between making their listeners feel like they’re part of the family, and not empowering them so much that if a personnel or format change is necessary, the station doesn’t wind up with an unmanageable revolt on its hands.

This tension has always been around for public, community, and college stations, but commercial signals have to deal with it as well. Facebook and Twitter make the problem more interesting.

What’s your radio station’s Facebook/Twitter strategy? And if you are a radio listener, do you find following your favorite radio signal on social networking applications a satisfying participatory experience?

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