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Announcing the Radio Survivor Forums 2.0

Today we’re happy to announce our new discussion forums, 2.0. We created the new forums because we want to encourage interesting, thoughtful and respectful discussions about radio. These often take place in the comments to our posts, but we also want a place for topics that aren’t only linked to a story. We’ve created forums on […]

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Spotify: are we listening or perseverating?

Paul Lamere’s Music Machinery blog has a revelation that caught my eye. Tracking billions of Spotify plays for a research project, the Development Platform Director for The Echo Nest reports that almost one in four Spotify users will skip a song within the first five seconds of play. The probability that the content will be skipped […]

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Peter Watts' music tweet chart.

SoundCloud: the Twitter monster

Judging by this table of music application inspired tweets compiled by founder Peter Watts, SoundCloud users are the hugest tweeters these days. Here are the top ten tweet generators: SoundCloud: 42,604,555 10,914,820 8,039,354 Spotify: 4,862,187 Pandora: 3,715,642 Bandcamp: 3,488,443 Myspace: 3,410,535 Shazam: 3,079,587 soundtracking: 2,679,342 2,459,766 Watts’ application checked the Twitter […]

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The secret to great online music room communities: real off line connections, the online music/chat room service, has a great blog post on making online communities work. The seven tips go as follows: help your visitors feel welcome from the start; use social media to promote your room; make sure your staff are nice people; post clear community rules and guidelines; be multilingual; stage events for […]

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Epic Dance Music: tapping into SoundCloud dance power

I am enjoying Epic Dance Music, a beta application that draws from SoundCloud searches to create terrific dance playlist stations. Over the weekend I listened to a list riffing off of my initial pick: “Catgroove” by Parov Stelar. This was followed by a Decibel Junkies tune, DJ Trademark’s “Uncontrollable,” MGMT Kids, “BlogsDemodaCE,” Hello’s very amusing […]

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Let’s get meta: Marketplace covers the viral audio question

In the spirit of seeing if audio content can go viral, APM’s Marketplace asked journalist Stan Alcorn to make a short radio version of his report for Digg, “Is This Thing On,” which explored the question of why audio doesn’t tend to spread across the internet like cat videos. Marketplace has also installed a little […]

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Commercial music radio, DJs, and Twitter: why the disconnect?

A new survey by Brandwatch reconfirms earlier findings about United States radio stations and Twitter—the relationship could be a lot more dynamic, particularly for commercial music radio stations. Here is some of the Brandwatch data: Only around 0.06 percent of radio listeners tweet about a US radio station. “This is 10 times less frequently than […]

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