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College Radio Again Takes a Backseat in FCC's Latest Batch of FM Licenses

College Radio Keeping it Underground

As Paul reported earlier today, the FCC just announced the names of 26 groups to be awarded new full power non-commercial educational FM radio licenses.

As was the case back in February, when 57 licenses were awarded, college radio is poorly represented amongst all of the applicants and winners (PDF). Not having the funding of many of their competitors, college radio largely kept out of the fight for new FCC licenses. Well-heeled religious groups, on the other hand, again dominated the landscape, picking up more than half of the licenses.

Here’s a quick look at the colleges and secondary schools who were represented in this latest round of licensing. It’s interesting to note that if you remove two college-owned religious radio networks from the equation, then all of the universities applying for licenses were successful in obtaining at least one license.

Here are the educational institutions who won:

Vineyard Academy (MI): This private Catholic school for pre-K through 8th graders doesn’t appear to currently have a radio station. It’s unclear if the new station will be run by students.

New Mexico Highlands University Foundation (NM): This non-profit foundation affiliated with New Mexico Highlands University won a license for Romeroville, New Mexico. The university currently has a licensed student radio station KEDP-FM.

Regents of New Mexico Highlands University (NM): Won two additional licenses for Clayton and Raton, New Mexico. They currently have a licensed student radio station KEDP-FM.

Regents of New Mexico State University (NM): Won a license for Silver City, New Mexico. New Mexico State University already has a student radio station KRUX in Las Cruces and public radio station KRWG, also in Las Cruces.

Western Wyoming Community College (WY): Won a license for Rock Springs, Wyoming. This community college doesn’t appear to have a radio station or broadcasting courses yet.

*State of Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (WI): Won a license for Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Chances are high that this public radio group has plans for a public radio station. Since they do have relationships with campus radio stations, I’m putting this on the list.

Here are the educational institutions who lost out in their bid for licenses:

Regents of New Mexico State University (NM): Lost out to One Ministries for a license in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (although they won several other licenses as listed above).

Pensacola Christian College: Lost out to Educational Information Corp. Although based in Florida, Pensacola Christian College was applying for a license in Virginia. They currently operate the Rejoice Radio network of Christian radio stations all over the United States.

Liberty University (VA): This Baptist university (which already owns a network of Christian radio stations) lost out to Holy Family Communications.

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