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Podcast #23: How Do You Do That on Instagram?

Social media is something broadcasters and podcasters are advised to embrace, but why? And what the heck is a radio station supposed to do on Instagram? Station builder and social media maven Jeffory Simmons is here to help. He’s been advising community radio and small businesses on how to best use social media, and he […]

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The perils of a young audience: why died

Shortly after the announcement that the turntable-style music sharing room would cease operation, I wrote to the site’s founder, Jason Grunstra, for an analysis. “It really just comes down to money,” Grunstra responded. “The development and hosting of a massive real-time application is no small feat. It’s incredibly complex and we just couldn’t find […]

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Why is worth your support

“It has come to the point that the costs of running exceeds the income that we are generating, and that could prove disastrous to the future of if we don’t make some important changes very soon,” warns the latest missive on its blog site. is asking its members to donate six […]

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8tracks: ten fine classical music mixes

If you are a classical music lover, offers many great playlists. They are perfect for inspiration and/or background for study. Here are some recommendations: evening: an excellent piano oriented mix. Lots of Chopin and French impressionist music. It is 47 minutes long and has eleven tracks, including a nice improvisation on Satie’s Gynopedie. The […]

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Beyond the wild west: government and the future of music radio shut down its last component earlier this year: Turntable Live—a concert version of now gone founder Billy Chasen reflected on the end of the Turntable project in a blog entry posted on Wednesday: “Ultimately, I didn’t heed the lessons of so many failed music startups. It’s an incredibly expensive venture to pursue […]

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The secret to great online music room communities: real off line connections, the online music/chat room service, has a great blog post on making online communities work. The seven tips go as follows: help your visitors feel welcome from the start; use social media to promote your room; make sure your staff are nice people; post clear community rules and guidelines; be multilingual; stage events for […]

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Epic Dance Music: tapping into SoundCloud dance power

I am enjoying Epic Dance Music, a beta application that draws from SoundCloud searches to create terrific dance playlist stations. Over the weekend I listened to a list riffing off of my initial pick: “Catgroove” by Parov Stelar. This was followed by a Decibel Junkies tune, DJ Trademark’s “Uncontrollable,” MGMT Kids, “BlogsDemodaCE,” Hello’s very amusing […]

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