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The Saturday Daylight Brigade

Public radio pioneer seeks broadband stimulus money

I’m happy to see at least one stimulus application for community radio. As telecom nerds everywhere know, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes a big chunk of economic stimulus money for broadband development projects—about $7.2 billion all told. That dough is earmarked for projects to roll out broadband to “un-” and “underserved” areas, and the […]

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FCC Fines College Radio Slackers

The FCC just announced today that they’d levied $7,000 fines against several college radio stations. The crime wasn’t anything salacious like playing songs with bad words. In fact, it’s much more embarrassing as it was a “failure to timely file renewal application,” which in turn led to “unauthorized operation” of said stations. This is a […]

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Department of Energy primer on Smart Grids

Broadcasters: use FM subcarriers for smart grids

An interesting filing from the National Association of Broadcasters in response to the Federal Communications Commissions’ call for feedback on ways that broadband can help smart grids. The NAB says let FM radio stations lend their subcarrier channels to the cause: “Smart Grid devices, implanted in home appliances, thermostats, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, could receive […]

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Chicago Public Radio's Fundraising Antics

Fundraiser season continues at non-profit radio stations all over the country. Princeton’s station WPRB (apparently the oldest FM college radio station in the country, founded in 1940) ends their week-long fundraiser tomorrow. My own station KFJC (turning 50 next week) is pitching for cash until the station reaches its goal. And, Chicago Public Radio station […]

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