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And the Internet radio winners are . . .

Ando Media has published its list of the top-performing Internet audio stations. Here are the top ten for 6 am through midnight in September: The fields are “Station,” “Average Active Sessions,” “Session Starts,” and “Average Time Listening.” Asterisks presumably mean no data. 1 CBS Radio Inc.  175,261 75,410,863 1.29 2 Pandora Corporate  150,011 82,623,100 1.13 […]

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Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio Opens Tomorrow

It’s always fun for me to see how radio gets portrayed in popular culture and I often revel in all of the inaccuracies. David Silver as a high school, college, and commercial radio DJ on the original Beverly Hills, 90210 was always a treat to watch and make fun of. DJ David Silver would rap […]

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Big radio revenues drop, again

Big radio revenues drop, again

Down down down. Clear Channel and Cumulus’ third quarter earnings dropped 19 and 18.5 percent respectively compared to Q3 of 2008. Clear Channel reported revenues of $660.6 million in the third quarter of 2009 and $813.4 million for the same in 2008. Cumulus’ net  revenues sank from $80.0 million last year  to $65.1 million this […]

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87.9 FM pirate stations at risk?

Pirates on 87.9FM at Greater Risk?

I was disappointed but unsurprised to learn about the end of Pirate Cat Radio’s unlicensed FM broadcast resulting from the FCC issuing a notice of apparent liability (NAL) to Pirate Cat’s operator Monkey Man a/k/a Daniel K. Roberts. However, I am surprised at how long Pirate Cat was able to make a go of it […]

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National Council of Churches

Pirate Cat radio down; the people's air waves worse for it

It’s no-good-deed-goes-unpunished-time over San Francisco’s radio airwaves. As Jennifer Waits has reported, the city’s Pirate Cat radio station has ceased terrestrial broadcasting in response to a Federal Communications Commission fine against the service. Why was the station sanctioned, anyway? Let’s go through the possibilities. Was it because Pirate Cat shortchanges Bay Area listeners by not […]

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