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Podcast #66 – College Radio as Academic Learning Labs

The stereotypical college radio station plays a free-form music format and functions as an extra-curricular student club. But the diversity in community and college radio is what we at Radio Survivor are here to celebrate. On this week’s show, Jennifer Waits reports back on two tours of college stations that function as learning labs for students. These stations are specifically connected to academic departments at their schools and are focused on student learning and skill development for professional radio jobs.

It is difficult to say what portion of the college radio stations out there are run in this manner. Jennifer says we don’t have good information on the number of college radio stations in general, let alone how many of those stations are closely connected to academic departments and are an intentional component of college learning. But we do know these sorts of stations are out there and on today’s episode we focus on KBPK at Fullerton College and KEPC at Pikes Peak Community College. Jennifer begins with a peak at the history of radio education and training on campuses going all the way back to the 1920’s.

But first on the show, Jennifer is about to head off to the 2016 Grass Roots Radio Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas from October 7-10. She is going to be giving a presentation there, based on her tours of community radio stations and the importance of documenting and preserving their history.

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