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College Radio Watch: College Radio as a “Defining” Experience, More Documentaries, KDVS’ Fundraiser Goodies, and More News

This week I ran across a fun, short documentary about two Southern California college radio stations, Pomona College’s KSPC and University of California, Riverside’s KUCR. Speaking of KUCR, the student who created the documentary also gives a first-person account of the impact of college radio on his life in the Highlander. Jake Rich writes,

As a student journalist in high school, I came to UCR knowing that I wanted join the newspaper, but the radio was something new to pique my interest. After finally getting hired in my sophomore year and having a weekly show for two years now, I can honestly say that being a college radio DJ has been one of the defining and best experiences of my college career. The station has provided a space beyond just musical opportunities for me…

As a commuter who struggled at first to find a way to consistently connect with campus, the station allowed me to open up and come out of my shell. Aside from my music show, I have been able to participate in a weekly sports talk show, news talk show and UCR basketball broadcasts during the season. I have been able to develop my voice and find newfound confidence in speaking my opinions and sharing a different side of myself on the air.”

Also this week, Matthew wrote about the incredibly cool music visualization exhibit crafted by college radio DJs at WKNC in order to bring more attention to the North Carolina State University radio station.

Big Anniversaries at KRUI and KWCR

Happy 30th to KRUI

KWWL reports on the recent 30th anniversary of college radio station KRUI at University of Iowa, stating that, “The KRUI studios hosted an open house where dozens of alums talked about how radio has changed over the decades. Since 1984, KRUI has been on the air giving listeners news, sports, weather, and of course music.” You can view a short video story which shows the KRUI studio on KWWL.

Additionally, the Daily Iowan wrote a nice report about the station, pointing out that efforts are being made to gather more information about KRUI’s history. According to the article, “The station has also called on alumni to share their stories in an effort to compile a book of information on the history and members of KRUI for the past 30 years.” KRUI’s 30th Anniversary page also features audio from the early days of the station.

Happy 50th to KWCR

The Signpost writes of the 50th anniversary of college radio station KWCR at Weber State University. According to the article, “After five decades of broadcasting, the student-run radio station hosted several celebratory events from April 13-17 in honor of KWCR’s history on campus and throughout Ogden.” Learn more about the station’s 50th anniversary events here.

New College Radio Stations Launching Online and Over LPFM

LPFM Station to Launch at Barry University

I was happy to see that another low power FM college radio station will be launching. According to its application, Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida plans to build a station with a

community-based educational purpose in its programming and activities. Students in the University’s Broadcasting and Electronic Media major will develop some of the programming content especially as it pertains to news. Multiple classes will require students to develop such programming including a radio practicum that can be taken as elective credits. Students will also function as producers, learning the skills through a class titled Audio Production. The station’s schedule will include news, talk, and a variety of music programming that reflect the diversity represented in the University and the broader community. Radio personalities will include students, faculty, and staff drawn from the entire university. In accord with the community-based model of programming, students will also provide production support to groups and individuals from the surrounding area interested in producing community-oriented programming.”

College Radio Station Launches in Glasgow

The Evening Times reports that Glasgow Clyde College was to launch the station on April 21st and that it “…will see live broadcast transmissions from all three of its campuses but will be based in Cardonald…Listeners will be kept entertained with the diverse programme line-up, including a football show, a film review show and even a make-up show. The Evening Times will act as a news partner to the station, while Radio Clyde will be the rebroadcast partner.” More information can be found on the Glasgow Clyde College website.

KDVS Holds Vinyl Fair, Finale Party and More for Fundraiser

University of California, Davis’ college radio station KDVS is in the midst of its fundraiser and as part of that, it’s hosting a range of events, including a vinyl fair on April 26. According to the Davis Enterprise, “…in addition to the traditional on-air pledging, this year’s fundraiser includes events at several restaurants and clubs, plus a ‘fundraiser finale’ party at the Odd Fellows Hall in Davis.” KDVS is also offering an interesting fundraiser premium this year, reprints of vintage posters from University of California, Davis Coffee House shows from 1978 and 1979, promoting the likes of John Cale, Devo, and Talking Heads.

College Radio Programming News: Radio Drama, Trivia Marathon, and Live Music Show

KSDB Starts Local Music Show on Kansas State Station

The Collegian reports that, “KSDB-FM, also known as Wildcat 91.9, presents itself as Manhattan’s source for alternative music. Recently, new programming from three students has given the student-run radio station something else to brag about: live performances.” The new show, the Classroom Series, features live music performances by local bands.

Radio Drama on WPCD

According to the Prospectus, old time radio drama returned to the airwaves on Parkland College’s radio station WPCD. Radio production students produced their rendition of the 1944 radio drama “The Voice on the Wire” and it aired over WPCD on April 15. You can listen to some additional radio dramas from December, 2014 on the WPCD website.

Radio-Based Trivia Contest at WWSP

I love hearing about innovative uses of radio and the 54-hour trivia marathon on WWSP 90FM is fascinating. Daily Herald Media recaps the most recent event,

The decades-long contest put on by 90FM, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student radio station, draws thousands of participants from hundreds of teams for 54 hours of music and off-the-beaten-path trivia questions written by Oliva and John Eckendorf. It’s an intense, labor-intensive weekend for station staffers and players alike, but it’s just as much an opportunity to hang out with friends.

An arrow-shaped sign outside Drake’s blue two-story Amherst home announced that the sleep-deprived members of Who’s On First, We Miss You Lil were grouped inside.

In a room with the shades drawn, three men sat at computers, one person was in charge of calling in the team’s answers. Reference materials and stockpiled sustenance were scattered on a large table. Trivia books the team had collected over the years, from a New York Times almanac to television guides, lined seven shelves on a nearby wall.”

More College Radio Documentaries

After seeing the KUCR/KSPC documentary, I took a look around to find a few more to highlight. Take a virtual tour of a few more stations, including:

Digging into KXLU’s History at Loyola Marymount University

KXLU Documentary – Loyola Marymount University from Phosworks LA on Vimeo.

Touring University of Wisconsin, Madison Station’s WSUM

(and while you are at it, take a look at the station’s history page)

Where the DJs Roam Trailer – KGLT at Montana State

I’ve written about this KGLT documentary before, but it’s worth sharing the video.

We cover the culture of college radio every Friday in our College Radio Watch feature. If you have college radio news to share, please drop us a note at EDITORS at RADIOSURVIVOR dot COM.


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