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LPFM Watch: 18 Construction Permits issued to Churches, College Radio Stations, and Groups Devoted to Peace and Bikes

There’s been a bit more LPFM activity in the past week, as the FCC continues to work its way through the applications. 18 more construction permits were issued this week and applicants in competitive groups (MX groups) have been filing amendments to their applications in the hopes of having construction permits issued. You can follow updates about amendments for the Western States and for the Midwest and East on the REC Networks site. Among this week’s new construction permits, more than half will air religious programming. Additionally, a few schools, a local government, and a handful of non-profits were granted new construction permits. The grand total of newly issued LPFM construction permits is now 1,321.

One of the college radio applicants, Aggie Radio at Utah State University, is an interesting example of students finally getting the opportunity to get their own license. Although Utah State holds other radio licenses (which air Utah Public Radio programming), this will be an FM station run by students. Aggie Radio currently operates as an online station and also has been broadcasting over 89.5 HD3.

I was also interested to see that the first construction permit was issued for a San Francisco-based radio station. Many groups are in competition for a few frequencies in San Francisco and the first grant went to World Peace Through Technology Organization. Originally part of a larger MX group competing for 93.7 FM in San Francisco, World Peace through Technology amended its application and asked to move frequencies to 100.1 FM. The FCC granted this request and issued a construction permit this week. World Peace Through Technology’s main mission is to “inspire world peace” and it also operates the annual “How Weird Street Fair.” Read more about the original list of San Francisco applicants here as well as applicants (some of which are in MX groups with San Francisco applicants) from the nearby suburbs here.


A number of groups had their applications dismissed this week, including some that were dismissed by the FCC because they were “non-tentative selectees.” According to Michi Bradley of REC Networks, “All of these applicants were from MX window #1 and were in groups where there was only one tentative selectee. According to information received to REC by the FCC, if these applicants can identify an alternative channel and or location to break them out from the MX group, they may still file an amendment and a petition for reconsideration to reinstate the application, the FCC will reinstate and accept their application for filing. Dismissed applicants must make their decisions on or before October 8.”

Dismissals, for a variety of reasons, were issued to: Flagstaff Liberty Alliance (Flagstaff, AZ), Rhythm Foundation Inc. (Yuba City, CA), Blue Stone Media Activists (Bend, OR), Epic Training and Revival Center (Bend, OR), The Josiah Ministry (Redlands, OR), Mt. Angel Bible Church (Mount Angel, OR), Bay Area Video Coalition (dismissed per applicant’s request, San Francisco, CA), Hyrum City Corporation (Hyrum, UT), Denver Colorado Chapter Buffalo Soldiers 8th and 10th (Horse) (Westminster, CO), Audrey Faye Liggins (North Las Vegas, NV), CSU Monterey Bay (Seaside, CA) – initially dismissed, then it filed an amendment and its application was reinstated, South Omaha Hispanic Education Family Foundation (Bellevue, NE), LGBT Broadcasters (Spartanburg, SC), JCM Radio Inc. (Bethpage, NY), and Monsignor Andrew K. Gwynn, Inc. (Greenville, SC).


Churches/Religious Organizations:

Roca Eterna, Inc. (Grand Junction, CO)

On the Rock Communications, Inc. (Eustis, FL) – this “religiously-oriented” group plans to air Catholic programming

Alamo Methodist (San Antonio, TX)

Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

Iglesia Pentecostal Nueva Vida (Salinas, CA)

The Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Baker, A Corp. (Bend, OR)

Calvary Chapel Yucaipa Wildwood Christian Fellowship (Yucaipa, CA)

St. Joseph Catholic Church (Marysville, CA)

Lawrence County Public Radio, Inc. (Monticello, MS) – The first objective of the station is “to provide religious instruction and moral teaching.” It plans to air “local worship services, devotionals, and contemporary/southern Gospel Christian music.”


Regis University (Westminster, CO) – The school plans to air “locally originated programming aimed at serving its students, faculty/staff, and the local NW Denver community.” Programming plans include live music, talk shows, sporting events, and Sunday mass.

Wisconsin Academy (Columbus, WI) – The 7th Day Adventist Academy for secondary students plans to air “religious and moral educational,” “Christian hymns and music” and “dramatized stories from the Bible.” It’s unclear if students will be on-air programmers.

Aggie Radio (Logan, UT) – This will be a student-run radio station at Utah State University. According to its application, the station will be “an open forum to students for their opinions, news, and music” with the motto, “for the students, by the students.” The application also states, “College radio is about playing unknown and rising artists, and is used as a way to educate the student body about new bands and upcoming music.”

Cities/Local Governments:

County of Ventura (Ventura, CA) – This station represents a “local government” and will “provide public safety radio services,” including the broadcast of “information about important traffic and weather hazards.”

Other Local Non-Profits:

Square Foot Community Radio Corp. (Key Biscayne, FL) – This group plans to air “informational, inspirational and public affairs programming” and it hopes to unite different groups, including “local churches and civic groups.”

World Peace through Technology Organization (San Francisco, CA) -As mentioned above, this group is focused on world peace and it also runs the “How Weird” street fair.

A Life Worth Sustaining (Silverton, OR) – This non-profit is focused on helping people through recovery from addictions.

Weavel Inc. (Flagstaff, AZ) – Plans to operate Radio Free Flagstaff as a “free-thinking, non-commercial, community-access radio station,” reflecting the diversity of Flagstaff. Weavel, Inc. also publishes a local arts-oriented newspaper called “the Noise.”

Reno Bike Project (application filed under the name “Noah Silverman”) (Reno, NV) – This organization provides “bikes to community members in need” and also works to advocate “for infrastructure” that is friendly to bikes.

Hammock Educational and Environmental Community Services (Palm Coast, FL) – This non-profit plans to air “broadcast…cultural, religious, educational, news and public interest programming.” This group holds the license for Christian radio station WNSS, which it plans to divest “prior to commencing operations of the station.”


Radio Survivor reports on LPFM news every Thursday in our LPFM Watch feature.


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2 Responses to LPFM Watch: 18 Construction Permits issued to Churches, College Radio Stations, and Groups Devoted to Peace and Bikes

  1. Gregory LaPirta September 19, 2014 at 7:29 am #

    Why was Las Vegas Public Radio left off your list of recently granted LPFM Construction Permits?

    Our permit was issued on September 5th.

    Thank You,


  2. Jennifer September 19, 2014 at 8:32 am #

    Hi Greg,

    Congratulations! I’m just reporting on the past week’s activity (since Sept. 11th) here.


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