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Audioscrobbling, circa 2004

Revisiting the birth of Scrobbling

I had fun over the Fourth of July rummaging around the Internet Wayback and looking at old images of, Richard Jones’ early version of Scrobbling as he was joining forces with Here is screenshot circa November 2004. Jones was a third year student at the University of Southampton at the time he cooked this […]

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With radio gone, it’s back to Pandora/Spotify VPN tricks for Canada

On April 28, will shut down its subscription radio stream. That means the company won’t be streaming content through its own servers, just third party stuff, mostly from YouTube and Spotify. “We understand that many of you will not like this decision,” a forum post announced on Wednesday. A flood of users agreed. […]

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Epic Dance Music: tapping into SoundCloud dance power

I am enjoying Epic Dance Music, a beta application that draws from SoundCloud searches to create terrific dance playlist stations. Over the weekend I listened to a list riffing off of my initial pick: “Catgroove” by Parov Stelar. This was followed by a Decibel Junkies tune, DJ Trademark’s “Uncontrollable,” MGMT Kids, “BlogsDemodaCE,” Hello’s very amusing […]

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When Pandora becomes radio: why exportability matters

The “what is radio” debate resurfaced earlier this month. Do Pandora and other streaming music services qualify as “radio”? Jennifer Lane, President of RAIN Summits, pronounced the question irrelevant at her Audio4cast blog. “I say who cares whether it’s radio or not,” Lane declared. But some weeks earlier Pandora’s Tim Westergren posted a commentary explaining the […]

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you users: go change your password

Yikes, what a week for social networking security. First LinkedIn reported a compromise of 6.5 million passwords, next came eHarmony, now! subscribers have received this e-mail from the radio/music service: We are currently investigating the leak of some user passwords. This follows recent password leaks on other sites, as well as information […]

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iHeartRadio screenshot

Clear Channel ups the ante with 3 more months of commercial-free iHeartRadio custom stations

Clear Channel may have been too focused on scarfing up stations in the early 2000s to construct anything resembling an internet strategy, but the company has been making up for lost time with its iHeartRadio service. When it went live in 2008 it was primarily a site and mobile app to provide access to the […]

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Kindle Fire with Pandora and speaker

My Kindle Fire is an Internet radio

My Amazon Kindle Fire arrived in the mail on Thursday, and I’ve been fiddling with it ever since. Got my Facebook going, read a whole lot of newspapers via the Pulse application, and downloaded a free edition of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. After several days of downloading and noodling with various apps, however, I’m inclined […]

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