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Podcast Prowler: History & Archiving with ‘Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It’

I’ve been following the work of historian and archivist Jason Scott for more than a decade, ever since he released his film “BBS: The Documentary” (available on the Internet Archive). He’s known for relentless efforts to preserve digital artifacts and media, like the text files that were the stock-in-trade of the early internet, Usenet and […]

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Podcast Prowler: Random Tapes, Quit It and the land of cover versions

On this lazy Sunday afternoon I’m listening to some new podcasts that I want to pass along to Radio Survivor readers. Random Tape I read Los Angeles magazine article about Dave Weinberg’s podcast that shares found home-recorded cassettes acquired at thrift stores, rummage sales and flea markets. As a fan of found ephemera I dived […]

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Seth Godin's Startup School

Podcast Survivor: Seth Godin’s Startup School #1

Podcast Review: Seth Godin’s Startup School #1 – Freelancer or Entrepreneur? Rating: 3.5 / 5 I found this podcast by reviewing the iTunes Store’s “new and noteworthy” section in the Podcast app on my iPhone. I just downloaded and started using the app this week, and was hoping to find something fresh to get me […]

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WTF with Marc Maron

Podcast Survivor: WTF #322 – Phunny Business

Podcast review: WTF #322 – Phunny Business Rating: 5/5 On episode 322 host/producer Marc Maron examines the story of Chicago’s All Jokes Aside, which he calls “the nation’s first major black comedy club.” In one interview he talks with documentary filmmaker John Davies who produced the film Phunny Business about the club along side comedian […]

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Did Ralph the Talking Computer do a Mike Daisey on Harry Shearer?

Following a monologue on the latest developments in Afghanistan and Iran, Harry Shearer had his semi-regular guest, Ralph the Talking Computer, on the March 25 edition of his podcast: Le Show.  Looks like Harry thought that he and Ralph needed to talk about journalistic integrity (the chat starts around 10 minutes into the program). One […]

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L.A. Theater Works tackles autism

L.A. Theater Works has a new edge pushing radio production out. It is titled Lucy, written by Damien Atkins. Is autism a disability “or an evolutionary adaptation?” the show’s summary blurb asks. Lucy, 13-years of age, has the malady. She has moved in with her “estranged, misanthropic mother.” This is new and difficult, because thus […]

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