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Lots of interesting non-comm and pirate radio in Western Washington State

Jose Fritz of the great Arcane Radio Trivia has been traveling around and writing about what he hears on different regional radio dials. He just posted from the Seattle-Tacoma area and it’s interesting that he picks up a very diverse set of noncommercial stations featuring indie rock, NPR news, jazz and even dance music. He […]

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Richard Wolinsky

KPFA, the case against an all-volunteer station

Pacifica radio is running its semi-regular Local Station Board elections. If you subscribe to a Pacifica station, you should be getting a ballot soon for listener or staff candidates for your signal’s respective board. Here at Pacifica outlet KPFA-FM in Berkeley, to which I donate money, there are two big slates running: SaveKPFA and Independents […]

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Live365, now with prizes

Live365 radio is celebrating its 11th year of operation by offering a “prize-a-day” sweepstakes to listeners through September.  The top prizes will include an iPad, Canon PowerShot digital camera, Flip Camcorder, C. Crane WiFi Internet Radio, Michael Jackson’s CD Box Set, Apple/iTunes/Amazon gift cards, and other stuff. I’m trying to decide whether this prize business […]

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Wireless industry blasts FM receiver mandate for mobiles

Six wireless industry related trade associations sent Congress a letter on Monday that  goes ballistic on the idea of mandating FM receivers in mobile handsets. The  groups wrote in opposition to a reported deal between the National Association of Broadcasters and the Recording Industry Association of America in which the former would agree to the […]

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Radio One

Radio One endorses Comcast/NBCU merger

Radio One, the nation’s biggest African American oriented radio network, has endorsed the proposed Comcast/NBC Universal merger, now being evaluated by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice. Its CEO Alfred Liggins III praised Comcast for helping Radio One develop its TV One cable channel. “The result is that today, as one of […]

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