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Podcast 255 - Carl Malamud

Podcast #272 – ‘Geek of the Week’ and the Beginning of Internet Radio

Carl Malamud is credited with having one of the very first streaming internet talk radio shows, “Geek of the Week,” beginning in 1993. And because it was available for download, too, it’s considered a proto-podcast.

Carl joins us this week to dig into this early history of internet radio, recounting how his efforts quickly snowballed from hosting a weekly interview show with internet trailblazers to conducting live broadcasts of the National Press Club luncheons and Congressional hearings.

Prof. Andrew Bottomley of SUNY Oneonta also joins as our special expert co-host to help us place these achievements in historical perspective. Carl tells us he was always more motivated to “do it for real,” rather than write a policy paper, and that he was also driven by a commitment to openness, to ensure public access to information of civic import. Today he continues working for the cause of public information as the founder and president of Public Resource.

This episode originally aired on July 21st 2020. Where a longer version of the interview is available.

Show Notes:

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