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Patreon Thank You Aug 2019

Thanks to All Our Supporters!

We wrapped up our first truly focused Patreon campaign last week. Thanks to our many supporters, we more than doubled our base of patrons, bringing us to a grand total of 64. We are elated and humbled that so many readers and listeners joined on to help support our work.

The final tasks to finish our first ever ‘zine are underway. All 43 of you who are supporting us at the $5 tier or higher as of Aug. 1 will be receiving your copy later this month. We’ll keep you updated with posts to our Patreon page.

Now, you might recall that our goal was to reach 100 patrons by August 1. You’ll also note that we didn’t quite get there. It was an ambitious goal, but a true one. That really is the kind of regular support we need to in order to do the work we proposed: to document the history of Indymedia and LPFM on the occasion of these movements’ 20th anniversaries.

However, it’s work we still really want to accomplish. Moreover, we think there’s no sense is taking an “all or nothing” approach. 

Our plan, then, is to begin work on documenting the history of LPFM.  The objective is to have a first installment to share on our podcast and here on our website in January 2020, when the service celebrates its 20th birthday.

We’re scaling back from the grander narrative of linking in the independent media movements of the 90s – including community radio – that came together around the 1999 protests against the WTO in Seattle. But given that low-power FM has long been one of our principal areas of coverage, we think it’s a story that will benefit Radio Survivor readers and listeners.

We’ll also reveal more details of this effort as it comes along. 

In the meantime we want to say Thank You again! If you have any questions or comments please hit us up on social media or drop us a line at

Support from readers like you make content like this possible. Please take a moment to support Radio Survivor on Patreon!

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