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Pocast 130 - KBOO 50th - Transmitter

Podcast #130 – How To Preserve 50 Years of Community Radio History

Portland community radio station KBOO-FM celebrates its 50th year on air in 2018, and to commemorate the anniversary the station is hosting an exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society Museum. While an exhibit seems simple enough on the surface, in fact a lot of time, thought and work goes into curating the artifacts and narrative that it comprises. Moreover, the physical exhibit is just one aspect of KBOO’s effort to record and preserve its history, which includes an online exhibit and an extensive digitization project.

To help explain this effort we’re joined by four people who are deeply involved with it: KBOO Program Director Erin Yanke, Development Director Becky Meiers, Designer Rob Lacosse and Archivist Marti Clemmons. They help us understand why this project is important, and some of the process behind it.

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