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LPFM Watch: FCC Approves San Francisco Community Radio and San Francisco Public Press Time-Share and More News

The FCC has been busy processing more low power FM (LPFM) applications in the last month and just this week issued construction permits to San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR) and San Francisco Public Press for new stations on 102.5 FM in San Francisco. Last month the FCC asked the two groups to come up with a time-share agreement, which was submitted and approved.

According to that agreement, the groups have opted to divide up the broadcast day, with San Francisco Public Press broadcasting from 4am to 10am and from 4pm to 10pm every day. San Francisco Community Radio will broadcast daily from 10am to 4pm and from 10pm to 4am. The clock is now ticking and the groups have 18 months before their construction permits expire. SFCR members (many with roots at college radio station KUSF-FM) have been working on trying to get back on FM ever since KUSF’s FM channel was taken over by KDFC-branded classical music programming in 2011.

Six More Dismissed Applications

Dismissed applications in the past month include: Message Radio of Tucson (Tucson, AZ), Falcon Radio, Inc. (Colorado Springs), Radio Alfha (Grand Prairie, TX), Outsound (San Francisco, CA), North Pittsburgh Community Radio (Pittsburgh, PA) and Charlotte Community Radio (Charlotte, NC).

LPFM Station Tours in Chicago and Denver

I’ve enjoyed visiting some of the new LPFM stations this year and recently published my field trip reports from my trip to see CHIRP Radio in Chicago, Illinois and my visit to KOMF-LP at Denver Open Media in Denver, Colorado. CHIRP has been a long-time advocate for LPFM and hopes to get on the air soon as WCXP-LP at 107.1 FM, whereas KOMF-LP started broadcasting last month. Also, I just recorded a segment for the Radio Survivor Podcast about my D.C.-area LPFM visits; so be sure to catch that episode next week.

LPFM Construction Permits Granted Since June 30, 2016

Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc. (Pasadena, CA)

Lighthouse Network, Inc. (San Antonio, TX)

San Francisco Community Radio (San Francisco, CA)

The San Francisco Public Press (San Francisco, CA)

Dios Abla Hoy (Round Rock, TX)


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