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Here comes the PacShara Wisconsin tri-LPFM radio trivia contest

Gird thy memory loins, northwestern Wisconsinites, and mobilize for the “PacShara Pursuit” three way Low Power FM radio trivia contest, scheduled to cut loose on Saturday, February 27.

Not long ago three Badger State LPFM signals decided that the live simulcast competition “would be a fun activity to provide to our area communities ‘in the dead of winter’.” The event will last for twelve hours, from ten a.m. to ten p.m. at night.

WAUP-LPPacShara is an amalgam of WauPACa and WasSHARA, two Wisconsin counties home to a trio of LPFMs established in 2014 and 2015. They are 96.3 WILW-FM Waupaca, 99.1 WAUP-FM Waupaca, and 105.1 WMNM-FM Mount Morris/Wautoma, respectively. In addition, Charter Cable in Waupaca will broadcast the program (but the show won’t be Internet streamed; only locals will be able to listen and play).

Waupaca RadioParticipants will register for the event as teams. Seven “regular” questions will be posed each hour. But there will also be hours with special “themed” questions:

1pm – All 50’s themed
3pm – All 60’s themed
4pm – “Lightning round” Team rankings will be read this hour.  Questions this hour will have one song length to answer.
5pm – All 70’s themed
7pm – All 80’s themed
9pm – All 90’s themed

WMNM-Logo-BW-300x100Here are some of the contest rules:

  • Teams will be given one chance to call in with an answer per question.  Teams will be asked for their ID number followed by the answer.  The operator will not confirm if your answer is correct when you call in.  Make sure you give a complete answer when you call in.  Teams will be provided a phone number to call prior to the contest.
  • If there is a tie for first, second or third place; tie breaker questions will start at approximately 10:20pm until the tie is resolved.

The event will be headquartered in Waupaca City Hall. But:  “This area is off limits to any team or team members during the duration of the contest.  Any team or team members found in this area may be disqualified.”

All this just goes to show what I’ve already suspected, that Wisconsinites are hard core about their Low Power FM stations and fiercely dedicated to maximizing their use.

“This trivia contest is put together to be a purely fun event,” the PacShara Pursuit rules page emphasizes. “Keep this in mind for the best enjoyment of this contest.”

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