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A Relic of Death (treasure and trash from the KZSC record library #3)

So here it is. Behold the beast. The hook that got this fish curious. This record can more or less be credited with the inception of my current writing preoccupation. It is, without a doubt, the most exciting find I have ever made, as well as the most infuriating.

Going over the entire rock vinyl section was first task that I took on at KZSC once becoming librarian. This is no small task. Of our SEVEN TONS of vinyl, the vast majority of it is rock. Imagine my surprise when I reached the P’s and found this staring at me.

My jaw dropped. I went from DJ to DJ, volunteers and veterans, asking if anyone knew that this had been hidden there. It’s original issue with raised lettering. It’s three decades old, and it’s probably just been sitting there, alone and forgotten.

Ask any deathhead: this is the record. The term Death Metal comes from this album. The foundations of death metal were laid by this album.

And it was under a rock, metaphorically, and in the rock section, literally.

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