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Updates: how WHUS makes obeying the FCC’s indecency rules look cool

WHUS of the University of Connecticut has posted a video on its Facebook page explaining its late night music playing policies.


“Attention,” the video explains, “between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM WHUS regularly observes safe harbor period of time recordings . . . ”

“Safe harbor” refers to the aforementioned late night window when spicy language records are ok. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a radio station make adhering to the Federal Communications Commission indecency rules look like a cool thing.

“Listener discretion advised,” the vid concludes. As Barry White would say, “Oh yeah . . . ”

Meanwhile, producer Roger King writes in to tell us that his film, I Am What I Play is showing at the Independent Film Festival in Boston.

The documentary explores the careers of four celebrated free form deejays: Patti Smith/Ramones champion Meg Griffin of WRNW and WNEW in New York City, Toronto legend David Marsden (aka “David Mickie”) of CHUM-FM, Charles Laquidara of free form powerhouse WBCN in Boston, and Pat O’Day, long time Program Director for KJR of Seattle.

Here’s the documentary’s web site.

Finally, I am digging KPOO of San Francisco’s new Facebook cover photo:


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