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Retro Radio Farm Blue Jetsons

Retro Radio Farm and an Archive of Radio History

Happy New Year! For your holiday weekend enjoyment I thought I’d share a couple of fun radio-related sites I’ve been made aware of.

First, is the Retro Radio Farm, sent to me by Jenny. As described by MessyNessy Chic, it’s an Etsy store run by “a music box wizard of sorts, specialising in bringing some of the most beautiful vintage radios back to life and better yet, into the 21st century.”

Retro Radio Farm Wood Deco

The Portland, Oregon based company restores vintage radios while also adding modern features like an MP3 player and Bluetooth. But, crucially, they all still receive radio broadcasts, too.

Retro Radio Farm Matador Red

Take a look at some of these beauties. It takes a lot of self-control not to max out my credit card.

Broadcasting Yearbook 1935

Up next is, which I learned about courtesy of the SWLing Post. This site touts “two million pages of AM FM & TV broadcasting history online,” in the form of magazines, technical documents, books, directories and other printed matter.

You can check out the Fall 1979 Arbitron ratings for markets across the country, a New York City listener’s guide from February 1968 featuring a profile of Pacifica station WBAI, or The Broadcasting Yearbook from 1935. Seriously, I’m destined to lose days reading this site.

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