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LPFM News: A Good Start to 2015

FCC’s Media Bureau got right to work after the New Year’s holiday, granting seventeen more low-power FM construction permits. Eight of these are in the large urban markets of Portland, OR, Tucson, AZ, Saint Paul, MN and Providence, RI.

Some of the interesting groups include the Xerocraft hackerspace which was approved for 100.1 FM and Global Change Multimedia going on air at 91.7 FM, both in Tucson. The Victoria Theatre Project plans to broadcast live performances of plays, monologues and musical showcases on 94.9 FM in Saint Paul, and in Providence the local arts group AS220, Providence Community Radio and Brown University will all share 101.1 FM.

Final MX Group Released

Just before the holidays the FCC released the final set of mutually exclusive LPFM applicant groups, where two or more applicants in each group are competing for a single frequency. These 96 groups are located in the southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as Puerto Rico. REC Networks has compiled a full list of the groups, and Matthew rounded up some of the more intriguing groups seeking a license.

The applicants have 90 days to file for changes to their applications, including major changes for new frequencies or transmitter sites. Interested parties, including the applicants themselves, may file petitions challenging applications during this period.

LPFM Stations Increased in Q4

As Jennifer reported on Wednesday, the FCC released its station counts for the last quarter of 2014. As one might expect, LPFM numbers increased by 69 stations, even though the grand total of radio stations was down by two.

2014 Was a Very Good Year

If you haven’t already, be sure to read Jennifer’s 2014 year-end wrap-up for LPFM which we published last week. Radio World’s Randy J. Stine also compiled a comprehensive overview of the year in low-power FM, talking with Todd Urick of Common Frequency, Michi Bradley of REC and Sanjay Jolly from Prometheus Radio Project, amongst other advocates and broadcasters.

Here’s to a 2015 full of many more great community radio stations!

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