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LPFM News: More Guel Dismissals, LPFM Supplier Closes

Two new low-power FM construction permits were issued by the FCC this week, to stations in Santa Ana, CA and Ferndale, MI. There were also nine more dismissals of applications associated with Antonio Guel in Milwaukee, Denver, Houston, Des Moines, and Palm Springs.

Like last week’s dismissals, these were all cancelled because the Commission was unable to obtain “site assurance” from the owners of the radio towers indicated on these applications. In most cases this means the FCC contacted the tower owners, who then made sworn statements that they had not made any obligation to host the stations being applied for.

The FCC requires that a LPFM applicant have such site assurance for its planned transmitter so that when a construction permit is issued the applicant can begin building a station with minimal delay.

LPFM Supplier Shuts Down

Nexus Broadcast, well-known supplier of LPFM broadcast equipment and engineering services shut down somewhat abruptly on August 1. Company president Leo Ashcraft told Radio World that both the “economic climate in the broadcast industry” and declining health brought about the closure.

Global Spice has taken over the manufacture and distribution of Nexus branded equipment.

Engineering firm REC Networks had a marketing agreement with Nexus, in which Nexus would market and sell engineering services provided by REC. In a statement, REC’s Michelle Bradley said she was “caught off-guard,” by Nexus shutting down. She said that REC will fulfill obligations for engineering services to clients who had paid for them, but cannot offer support for Nexus broadcast equipment. REC continues to provide engineering services, including helping to resolve MX groups, to new clients.

PA LPFM Fails To Renew License

The FCC is continuing to clear the decks of stations that failed to submit their license renewals during the last renewal period. One additional LPFM station failed to submit a renewal, WFSJ-LP, operated by Godstock Ministries in Indiana, PA. That station’s license is now cancelled.

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