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LPFM News: Up to 1197 Stations; NFCB Intensive Workshop 2 Weeks Away

From a trickle to a slow drip. That’s how one might characterize the approval rate of low-power FM applications right now. Since last week’s update there are only four new construction permits granted. This brings the total to 1197 as of May 14.

The FCC still has yet to act on most of the frequencies with competing applications, known as MX groups. Word is that we won’t see any real action on these for the rest of May. So many of the construction permits being issued at this point are going to stations that were able to modify their applications to either get out of MX groups or otherwise improve their technical eligibility.

For instance, as Jennifer reported Wednesday, Millbrae Radio, located in the congested San Francisco Bay Area, received a construction permit after it was permitted to modify its application. It originally applied for a frequency that put it in competition with other stations, but then was able to find a frequency for which it was the only applicant.

Two Weeks Until NFCB’s LPFM Intensive at Nat’l Conference

We’re just two weeks away from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters conference in Reston, VA. There is a full-day intensive workshop for new low-power stations, “People Powering Your LPFM.” There is no additional fee for registered attendees.

This intensive has a truly powerhouse group of instructors. Led by station start-up specialist Donna Di Bianco and Seattle-area LPFM coordinator Sabrina Roach, participants will also learn from Vanessa Marie Graber, Michi Eyre, Michael Brown, Tom Voorhees, Ursula Ruedenberg, Gavin Dahl, Michael Richards, and Michael Couzens. It’s definitely a fantastic learning opportunity for any new LPFMs who can make it.

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