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LPFM Watch: FCC Rescinds 12 Application Grants and Other LPFM News

There was more action on LPFM applications this week (especially compared with last week), with more than 30 granted since March 6, bringing the total count to 1078 construction permits granted this year for new LPFM stations.

A few applications were also dismissed this week, including those for the Global Service Center for Quitting Chinese Communist Party in Los Angeles (by request of the applicant), Artists and Writers, Internet, Theater and Television, Inc. (Beltsville, MD), Silver Springs Hispanic Community Radio (Silver Spring, MD),  Alpine Heritage Preservation Inc. (Tucker County, WV), New York Catholic Radio, Inc. (Poughkeepsie, NY), Arlington Independent Radio (Arlington, VA), Gospel American Network (Emory, TX), and Jupiter Community Radio Inc. (Jupiter, FL).  Each of these applicants has 30 days to file a Petition for Reconsideration.

At least 12 Rescinded Applications

Additionally, the FCC rescinded at least 12 previously granted LPFM construction permit applications in Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama this week. According to REC Networks, these applications seem to have been rescinded for a variety of reasons including possibly forged signatures and “…incomplete party and NEPA compliance (radio frequency radiation worksheet) issues.”

Cunningham Center for Education Association (WQKW-LP in Citra, Florida), Little Seads of Life Educational Foundation (WLPQ-LP in Saluda, SC), Edwards Educational Project (WWWO-LP in Ocala, FL), Cross Hill Women in Broadcasting (WWHC-LP in Cross Hill, SC), Colman 1st Church of Christ (WZQI-LP in Colman, FL), and Laurens Jehovah Church (WMFB-LP in Luarens, SC) all had their grants rescinded and applications returned to pending status on March 6, 2014.

On March 7, six additional stations had their grants rescinded. As a result of that, LPFM applications for Gainesville Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Gainesville, FL), Rollins Education Association (Lake City, FL), Elks Lodge #364 (Piedmont, SC), Allen Temple Ame Church (Belton, SC), Moore Education Project (Moore, SC), Selma Powerhouse Church (Selma, AL) were also returned to pending status. REC Networks notes that these applicants will have the opportunity to amend their applications.

Range of Newly Granted Applications include Several Focused on Emergencies/Public Safety

Here are a few applications that caught our eye this week:

NEW ORLEANS SOCIETY OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES AWARENESS (New Orleans, LA) – The New Orleans station plans to call itself Radio NOLA and intends to air programming focused on human rights and social justice. Specifically, its application states that it plans to air “…regular messages/themes regarding how the most vulnerable in New  Orleans can prevent the transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases. However, we will also have programming dedicated to human rights and social justice as it relates locally in New Orleans; thus giving a voice to those that are the most marginalized in New Orleans (migrant workers, LGTB, transgendered, low wage workers, etc).” Additionally, Radio NOLA will provide broadcasting opportunities for at-risk youth.

WARNING RADIO (Dallas, TX)- According to its application, the station will air “local news, weather and sports, public forums, and other religious, educational and ethnic programs not offered by the commercial owned stations.”

ZUMA BEACH FM EMERGENCY AND COMMUNITY BROADCASTERS (Malibu, CA) – According to the Zuma Beach application, the Malibu, California area has “no clear FM reception due to terrain blockage to the entirety of the community. Floods, mudslides, fires, tsunamis, and car crashes pose regular hazards. We propose a means by which emergency communications can be broadcast to Malibu when needed.” The station hopes to air community and NPR programming when not broadcasting emergency information and programming will be “subject to preemption when emergencies occur.”

THE CITY OF BORGER, TEXAS (Borger, TX) – The City of Borger, Texas specifically applied for a LPFM license as a “public safety radio service” and plans to “…furnish a non-profit, public safety oriented broadcast service for the advancement of public protection for the community. The station plans to transmit educational, public safety, emergency information, and other items of interest to our community.”

Get Ready for WARN and WART!

On Tuesday, the FCC released a lengthy list of new and changed call signs, many of which are for recently granted LPFM applications. Amid the list there are a few real-word call signs, including WARN -LP (The Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. in Saint Augustine, Florida) and WART-LP (Radio Madison in Marshall, North Carolina).


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