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Global radio will converge at the Gwenstival in Switzerland

The Gwenstival circa 2012

Happy World Radio Day Radio Survivor readers! Apropos, every year Radio Gwendalyn puts out a call for radio visions and the Swiss web radio outlet airs them during The Gwenstival. This year the celebration of adventurous radio content will stream in FM over two cities in Ticino—the southern and Italian speaking region of Switzerland—they being Mendrisiotto and Lugano.

We here at Radio Survivor have received an invitation to participate from
Alan Alpenfelt, Radio Gwendalyn’s Chief Editor.

“We have a daily program called Rainbow Radio in which we give another radio carte blanche for 30 minutes,” Alpenfelt wrote to us. “It airs from 13.30 to 14.00 every day. The content is up to you, you can experiment as much as you like. Same goes for the language.”

Participants should record their program and send it to The Gwenstival by the end of February or mid-March at the latest. “Of course, if you have older podcasts, you can use them too,” Alpenfelt added. “A program can be divided into more episodes.”

It should be noted that Radio Survivor is not a radio station. It is a news site and blog about radio. But we, Paul Riismandel, Jennifer Waits, and myself, all have experience as radio DJs, reporters, podcasters, and producers. So we are going to join the show.

Alpenfelt says the event “gives the chance to worldwide radios to air also here in Southern Switzerland.” Keep an eye on this page for further details, or contact him via email.

Here are scenes from previous Gwenstivals.

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