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Catch the Super Bowl on the radio, too

Super Bowl XLVII on Dial Global Radio

Super Bowl XLVII on Dial Global Radio

While millions of US viewers watch the Super Bowl on television, even if just to see what advertisers do with the season’s most expensive ad time, millions additionally will tune in on the radio. While SiriusXM will be offering up 12 feeds in 10 languages, you don’t have to be satellite radio subscriber to listen to, rather than watch, the Super Bowl. In fact, last year the total was 23.1 million radio listeners who tuned in to the broadcast of the big game.

For fans of both teams the game will be broadcast regionally with local calls and commentary on Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers affiliate stations. The game will be heard across the rest of the US on the Dial Global network, with affiliates in all 50 states.

Canadian fans in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg can tune in to a simulcast of the Dial Global broadcast on the 16 month-old TSN Radio network. The game will be on digital radio in the UK on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra.

In the past some listeners outside the UK and North America have been able to tune in shortwave broadcasts of the Super Bowl on Armed Forces radio via stations in Diego Garcia, Guam, Key West, FL, and Pearl Harbor, HI. At this time only the Diego Garcia and Guam stations are broadcasting, and there has been no announcement about Super Bowl coverage. The game has also been broadcast on Armed Forces Network Europe radio stations, though, again, no announcements about XLVII have been made.

While there are plenty of international TV broadcasters carrying the Super Bowl, I haven’t been able to confirm any other international radio broadcasts. However, internet listeners can catch the game on the NFL Audio Pass. Although there are no international restrictions on the Audio Pass broadcast, it also requires a subscription.

Streaming US radio stations’ coverage online might be an option for international listeners, but I believe that many (if not all) live game streams are restricted or blacked-out altogether.

If you’re a radio listener outside the US, let us know if and how you plan to listen to the Super Bowl.

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