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Hurricane Sandy takes down WFMU transmitter

Hurricane Sandy is taking its toll on community radio. This just in from WFMU in New Jersey:

Frank The Storm has taken our 91.1 fm transmitter off the air, as of Monday at 3:00pm. We’re trying to get the transmitter back up as soon as we can, but Frank knocked out all electric at the transmitter site. In the meantime, our 90.1 fm signal and all of our web streams and archives are unaffected by our problems at 91.1 fm. Thanks for the many well wishers and we hope to be providing glorious radio at 91.1 fm again soon. We’ll stay on the air as long as we can.

This indeed isn’t stopping the web stream. I’m listening to a WFMU transmission of Stephen King’s “The Mist” as I write this post. “Our Dead Air is Better Than Their Air,” the station’s web site bravely declares below this picture:

Across the Hudson River, WBAI-FM still seems to be functioning. Speaking of Halloween, here are some pretty scary pics of the Central Jersey situation.

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