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An even bigger Songs About Radio Spotify playlist

Thanks to the many Radio Survivor readers who posted additional suggestions to my initial Songs About Radio Spotify playlist. They were all excellent recommendations, and I’ve added as many as I could to the list, which is now 79 songs long.

John Anderson came through with a remarkable catalog of tunes about pirate radio. I couldn’t find all of them on Spotify, but I found a lot. Also thanks to Betty for Dar Williams’ “Are You Out There”; Gonzo, who mentioned Bruce Springsteen’s “Radio Nowhere” and Queen’s “Radio Gaga”; Lucas McCallister, who suggested “Radio Free Europe” and “Radio Song” by REM; Brett Johnson, who reminded us of Journey’s “Raised on Radio”; and Greg Blouch, who added radio related pieces by Negativland, Joe Walsh, and Wonder Stuff.

On our Facebook page, my brother Raphael  pointed out that The Who “Sell Out” album is pretty much all about radio, so I added “Odorono” and “Heinz Baked Beans” to the list. Todd Nemet mentioned “The Nightfly” by Donald Fagen. And the great D.J. McShmormac poured forth a slew of YouTubed radio related performances, among them “98.6,” “Turn Your Radio On,” and Lee Perry’s “Station Underground.”

McShmormac also suggested this masterpiece, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on Spotify, so I’m just posting it here:

Also not available on Spotify: “Mr. Radio Man” (1924), which, happily, is archived on the Library of Congress National Jukebox site:

Keep those suggestions coming. I’ll continue to add them to this list until it bursts.

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