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KUSF FM Lives on… In Oregon

Common Frequency Reserves KUSF for New Oregon Radio Station

Common Frequency Reserves KUSF for New Oregon Radio Station

Today the FCC released its most recent list of call sign actions. Amid the alphabet soup of new and changed call signs was a familiar set of letters: K-U-S-F.

As of July 20, 2012, Common Frequency has reserved the former University of San Francisco radio station’s call letters for a yet-to-be-constructed non-commercial radio station at 91.3 FM in Glendale, Oregon.

The former college radio station KUSF 90.3 FM had its call letters changed to KOSC after its license was transferred from University of San Francisco to Classical Public Radio Network in June, 2012. University of San Francisco’s online-only radio station continues to use the KUSF branding.

The new KUSF as well as KQCF 88.1 FM in Chiloquin, Oregon were both initially licensed to the non-profit Portland Radio Authority. The licenses/permits were transferred to Common Frequency in May, 2012. According to paperwork filed with the FCC, “no purchase agreement was utilized because no money was exchanged regarding this assignment.” KQCF is currently silent following Common Frequency’s request to take the rural Oregon station off the air temporarily in order to upgrade equipment.

Common Frequency also holds non-commercial FM licenses for KXCF in Marshall, California and KRRC in Portland, Oregon (the former Reed College radio station, which was donated to Common Frequency earlier this year). Additionally, Common Frequency has construction permits for KZCF in Atwater, California, KHCF in Morgan Hill, California, and for an additional non-commercial FM radio station in Boulder Creek, CA.

There’s no word yet from Common Frequency about what its plans are for KUSF and its other stations in Oregon, but considering the non-profit’s focus on grassroots radio, there could be some intriguing collaborations in the works.

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