Top Menu—a great new site for noncommercial music radio lovers

If you’re looking for a site that aggregates the best music on non-commercial college and community radio stations, look no further than

“We’ve spent countless hours listening, researching, and getting recommendations from DJs and now have around 500 programs featured on the calendar,” radiocollective’s main guy Sujay Vennam wrote to us yesterday.

The site wants more suggestions from the public on good stations and shows. “We are specifically looking for shows that are unique and in which the DJs are passionate about what they’re doing.”

The Radio Collective team also publishes a terrific map of free form stations. puts a host of mostly college radio programs at your fingertips. You can click on the green button to the left to listen to whatever is airing at the moment at stations like WCBN at Ann Arbor or Radio 1190 in Boulder, Colorado. Or click the + button to check out specific shows at that station.

The site also includes a number of notable international non-college stations, among them B92 of Serbia and Resonance FM, the London Music Collective. And it publishes a complete calendar of every station’s schedule.

I’m listening to and loving this site as I write this post. Great music and easy to use.

“We believe that independent radio is an unparalleled source of music and cultural exchange,” radiocollective’s about page says. “Our goal is to discover and share the most interesting radio shows in the world, with the world.”

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