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NPR to FCC: We're "relatively secure"

National Public RadioFor some reason National Public Radio filed comments today with the Federal Communications Commission, responding to the FCC’s call for feedback on its impending National Broadband Plan. The rather mysterious statement assures the agency that everything is more or less ok in NPR-Land.

“NPR and its member stations are uniquely positioned to respond to the rapid and disruptive changes in American journalism,” the filing notes. “NPR maintains 37 foreign and domestic bureaus, more than any other broadcast news organization. With more than 850 member stations, the public radio network reaches diverse communities, from the largest urban areas to the smallest rural enclaves.”

In addition, NPR’s

“revenue model, while not immune to the economic and technological challenges of the day, is diversified and relatively secure. With financial support from state and federal governments, from a growing audience, from national and local business and foundations, public radio has built a power foundation to launch the next generation of newsgathering – one that draws equally from the best of traditional journalism and the opportunities afforded by the latest technology.”

Ok. Good to know. What this has to do with broadband is beyond us, but it’s nice to hear that at least one news organization is weathering this economic storm more or less intact.

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