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Complete FCC indecency/obscenity stats since 2002 now posted on

Lovers of the truly bizarre process by which the Federal Communications Commission receives indecency complaints from the public will enjoy our comprehensive table of all indecency, obscenity, and profanity complaints logged by the agency since 2002.

Here’s a sample of the last line of the chart:

2008 Jan. Feb. Mar.
“Indecency/Obscenity 578 505 179,997
“General Criticism” 83 148 234
“Other programming issues” 510 248 676

Notice that huge jump in indecency / obscenity numbers in March from 505 to 179,997 (while the other categories remained stable)? That’s typical of the roller coaster pattern that is the monthly fluctuation of government indecency complaints. Chances are good that most of these gripes are generated by decency group auto-forms. Anyway, enjoy!

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