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Podcast 38 feature image - survey says

Podcast #38 – Survey Says: Stations Must Be on the Internet & YouTube

The annual Infinite Dial survey of American listening habits is out. Paul and Eric analyze the results and what they indicate for community and college radio and podcasting. In particular, Paul argues that declining radio ownership and young people’s affinity for YouTube mean stations absolutely must broadcast online and should use video. He asks: Are […]

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The BBC Radio 1 School of YouTube

Before we get to YouTube issues, Radio Survivor contributor Ann Alquist has stirred up quite a discussion here with her post titled Why community radio stations don’t need News Directors. Bottom line: there are lots of digital partnership strategies for producing news and public affairs that don’t require your station to invest in some kind […]

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Internet DJ week: YouTube becomes YouPay

So here comes YouTube Music Key, which will offer a bunch of new stuff for YouTube music listeners, specifically music without those you-can-skip-idiotic-ad-in-5-seconds ads, playback without the video, and some kind of offline play mechanism (I’m getting this from Android Police). Plus it seems likely that Google’s All Music Access will somehow be folded into […]

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Internet DJ week: When can I vote for Bollywood tunes at my local restaurant?

My otherwise chaotic Sunday was rescued by the discovery of Gaana, India’s online music and radio emporium. It works beautifully on my Google Chrome tablet and comes with endless streams of Bollywood hits. I strongly recommend the Filmy Mirchi radio channel, which will surely cheer you up under most circumstances. I also love the Perla […]

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8tracks: the kitchen sink playlist app

Paul Riismandel suggested that I take for a spin. I am enjoying it—a versatile playlist application that interfaces with at least half a dozen other social networking systems, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Wikipedia. I get an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feeling with 8tracks, which exemplifies the direction that many social networking music apps are moving towards—maximizing connectivity […]

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WKNC logo

North Carolina State’s College Radio Station WKNC Launches YouTube Channel

More and more radio stations are realizing the importance of having a multimedia operation, incorporating not only audio transmissions, but also video and other web features. Today, North Carolina State University’s student radio station WKNC 88.1 FM announced that it has launched The Lounge video project on YouTube. The nearly one month-old channel so far […]

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