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Podcast #23: How Do You Do That on Instagram?

Social media is something broadcasters and podcasters are advised to embrace, but why? And what the heck is a radio station supposed to do on Instagram? Station builder and social media maven Jeffory Simmons is here to help. He’s been advising community radio and small businesses on how to best use social media, and he […]

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WFMU audience engagement

Keeping your listeners with you: inside WFMU’s Audience Engine

Community radio station WFMU-FM in New Jersey has won another grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to further its brainchild-in-the-works: Audience Engine. This additional $100k brings the Dodge Foundation’s support for the project up to half a million dollars. WMFU has partnered with Boston software developer Bocoup to create the system, and will distribute […]

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Sunday tweet tracker: @maledor’s 200th show, psychedelics, iPod Classic luv, and blues scales

Here’s are some Sunday tweets from our 1,753 Radio Survivor Twitter feed followers. Over at Radio Valencia in San Francisco, deejay @maledor celebrated his birthday and 200th show with a guest, Ben from the Humboldt Psychedelic label, Captcha Records. Captcha has a free sampler, BTW. Around the same time G-Town Radio (the Sound from Germantown) […]

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blossoming 8track

8tracks blossoms with user forums

The tech investment world is discovering (we’ve known about it here for quite a while). Forbes has a huge story about the music playlist application titled “What if You Became a Big Company, But No One Noticed?” (translation: “no one” equals “people with money”). The piece cites a Comscore survey identifying 8tracks as the […]

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(Re)discovering Myspace radio

Myspace seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Well, let’s modify that—various news sites are peering into the service and noting with bemusement that it still exists. So Forbes posted this unflattering headline on Friday: “How To ‘Frankenstein’ Your Brand Like MySpace: The Social Network That Refuses To Die.” C’mon folks, a little kindness please. […]

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Congestion ahead; next twenty years.

Four reasons why net neutrality matters for mobile radio

We’ve been following the Federal Communication Commission’s latest open Internet proposal, and like my colleague Paul Riismandel, I’m skeptical about it. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s plan seems tailor made to forge a two-tiered Internet in which the big ISPs pick winners and losers via priority access “fast lane” deals. The big question for us around […]

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Podcast Survivor 2014.05

Podcasting News: Podcasters in the Press; SoundCloud & Twitter

In this week’s podcasting news: Podcasting received a fair amount of press recently, primarily focused on the comedy side of things. It looks like rising podcast host Soundcloud almost got bought, and Stitcher debuts a new feature that isn’t quite the “Instapaper of audio.” Comedy Podcasters in the News Rolling Stone revealed its “20 Best […]

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Peter Watts' music tweet chart.

SoundCloud: the Twitter monster

Judging by this table of music application inspired tweets compiled by founder Peter Watts, SoundCloud users are the hugest tweeters these days. Here are the top ten tweet generators: SoundCloud: 42,604,555 10,914,820 8,039,354 Spotify: 4,862,187 Pandora: 3,715,642 Bandcamp: 3,488,443 Myspace: 3,410,535 Shazam: 3,079,587 soundtracking: 2,679,342 2,459,766 Watts’ application checked the Twitter […]

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Commercial music radio, DJs, and Twitter: why the disconnect?

A new survey by Brandwatch reconfirms earlier findings about United States radio stations and Twitter—the relationship could be a lot more dynamic, particularly for commercial music radio stations. Here is some of the Brandwatch data: Only around 0.06 percent of radio listeners tweet about a US radio station. “This is 10 times less frequently than […]

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With 241 million users radio kicks Facebook and Twitter ass

Twitter has 49 million users every month in the US. Facebook has 198 million. There are about 6 million US Spotify users. What about terrestrial broadcast radio, that old-school, supposedly dying analog medium? Radio has 241.8 million listeners per week, not just per month. Take that, Silicon Valley. Those numbers are according to Nielsen’s December […]

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