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Podcast #23: How Do You Do That on Instagram?

Social media is something broadcasters and podcasters are advised to embrace, but why? And what the heck is a radio station supposed to do on Instagram? Station builder and social media maven Jeffory Simmons is here to help. He’s been advising community radio and small businesses on how to best use social media, and he […]

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Beyond the wild west: government and the future of music radio shut down its last component earlier this year: Turntable Live—a concert version of now gone founder Billy Chasen reflected on the end of the Turntable project in a blog entry posted on Wednesday: “Ultimately, I didn’t heed the lessons of so many failed music startups. It’s an incredibly expensive venture to pursue […]

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My Hybrid Highbrow room; nobody but me there so far [sniff].

When does YouTube become radio? When it’s on

Everybody knows that YouTube competes with broadcast radio for music listeners. A Nielsen survey posted a little over a year ago reported that more teens listen to music through YouTube than through AM/FM radio, 64 and 56 percent, respectively. Most of that YouTubeing isn’t an audience based affair, however. It is listeners creating their own […]

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Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail goodbye Piki; hello SoundCloud has announced that it is sunsetting, which the company described as a “laid back” alternative to its better known social networking service. Here’s from Billy Chasen’s latest blog post: “I’m also sad to announce today that we are going to shut down Piki in a couple weeks. We poured ourselves into it […]

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When Pandora becomes radio: why exportability matters

The “what is radio” debate resurfaced earlier this month. Do Pandora and other streaming music services qualify as “radio”? Jennifer Lane, President of RAIN Summits, pronounced the question irrelevant at her Audio4cast blog. “I say who cares whether it’s radio or not,” Lane declared. But some weeks earlier Pandora’s Tim Westergren posted a commentary explaining the […]

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Pirate radio round-up: feeds NM station; FCC picks low-hanging fruit in Miami and Oregon

Maybe it’s because spring is in the air in North America, but pirate radio is bubbling up a bit in the popular consciousness, as well as the FCC’s. Seems like a good time for a pirate radio news round up. Albuquerque’s Alibi hazily reports on “at least one station operating without a license” in Northern […]

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Getting to know Piki social radio

In February of this year Jennifer Waits and I attended a social media week conference at the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco, at which Seth Goldstein of spoke. During a panel on social networking radio, Goldstein critiqued his brainchild. “I wish [] was more background,” he explained. “In a way I think there are […]

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