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Five Kickstarter radio projects that worked

Imagine this: You’ve just come up with a neat idea and you want to make it a reality. The very first thing you need, though, is money. And if you don’t have it, your dreams and ambitions will probably never come to fruition. That was then—now, your chances of success have increased. Kickstarter—an innovative funding […]

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War over birth control coverage hits Boston radio

Republican Senator Scott Brown and his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have released dueling radio statements over the Blunt Amendment, which would give the green light to heath insurance providers to nix birth control coverage for “religious beliefs or moral convictions.” The bill is introduced by Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, and co-sponsored by 37 […]

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BBC Five Live logo

BBC’s Five Live radio airing wall-to-wall Libya coverage

Right now there are strong indications that the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi may be pulling back. There are reports from Benghazi that government forces have withdrawn and Libyan ambassadors to countries like China and India resigning. The BBC’s Five Live radio service seems to be providing some of the best up-to-the-minute English-language coverage of […]

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AT&T Iphone with stopwatch

New AT&T data plans threaten to stunt the growth of mobile internet radio

Last week AT&T announced that new smartphone customers will no longer be eligible for the unlimited data plans that current customers enjoy. Instead, two somewhat less expensive plans will be available. For $15 new customers may download 200 MB of data per month, with a charge of $15 for every additional 200 GB over the […]

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