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Internet Archive servers

Preserving Podcast History

We’ve been covering radio preservation quite a bit here at Radio Survivor. But, despite the medium’s relative youth, it’s not too soon to think about podcast preservation either. Because podcasts are distributed as downloaded files they seem less ephemeral than radio broadcasts, which someone has to take the initiative to record and save. However, think […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: Bluetooth Is Magic for Podcasts and Internet Radio

Call me late to the party, but I’ve finally fallen in love with Bluetooth audio streaming. At this point most readers should be familiar with Bluetooth, which facilitates pretty easy wireless connections between devices of all kinds. In this case I’m specifically discussing using Bluetooth to send audio from a computer or mobile device to […]

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Deezer RadioLab

Deezer rolls out podcasts, 20k shows on demand

The proverbial second shoe is dropping from Deezer’s acquisition of Stitcher. The #2 global streaming service bought the podcast rich audio platform last October. Now it has announced the release of 20,000 entertainment, news, sports, and comedy shows on demand. This will include lots of content from NPR, the Financial Times, WNYC, plus Monocle 24, […]

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WFMU’s proto-podcasts from the Korean War

WFMU in Jersey City’s Beware of the Blog blog has some interesting audio artifacts from the Korean War: reel-to-reel audio letters from an Army doctor to his wife back in the states, circa 1954, just as the conflict was winding down. The surgeon who produced these ancient proto-podcasts worked at the 121 Evacuation Hospital in […]

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