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Dave Allen

Music, technology and just a bit of radio at TechFest Northwest

TechFest Northwest is the 2 year-old self-described “little sister” to the long-running Music Fest Northwest held every fall in Portland, Oregon. One track of TFNW’s first day this year was dedicated to the relationship between art and technology, with music and musicians taking a prominent place. Although one afternoon panel was provocatively titled “Technology killed […]

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Settling the AM/FM performance royalty fight: a localism compromise

If you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you’ve got access to Paul Riismandel’s summary of the latest salvos between musicians, radio stations, and Pandora over performance royalties. Paul notes that everything in this debate is contested, including how much musicians should be paid for each Pandora “spin” of a song, how to calculate those payments, […]

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Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)

Internet radio’s strange copyright royalty week

SoundExchange put out a happy face press release on Thursday, announcing that the performance royalty distributor has paid out no less than $204.4 million to artists and their representatives in the first two quarters of 2012. But attention through most of the week has focused on Representative Jerrold Nadler’s (D-NY) rather contorted effort to correct […]

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George Chambers of KXIT

Texas radio station owner says he'll meet pro-performance rights movement half way

A Texas radio station manager has told the Federal Communications Commission that even though he’s boycotting musicians who support the Performance Rights Act, he’ll play PRA advocate MusicFIRST’s public service announcements over his station. “I have removed all songs of artists that are part of musicFirst and will not play their songs for now,” KXIT […]

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Tim Westerngren; source: flickr

Pandora asks subscribers to support the Performance Rights Act

If you listen to Pandora internet radio, you probably got a message yesterday from the service’s founder Tim Westergren, asking subscribers to support the Performance Rights Act. That’s the proposed law that would require terrestrial radio stations to pay performance royalty fees to the artists whose music they broadcast. “The system as it stands today […]

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