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Radio Survivor Podcast #13: Why the Battle over the Pacifica Network Remains Relevant

Radio Survivor co-founder Matthew Lasar joins us this week to examine recent events at Pacifica Network’s Los Angeles station KPFK, where it’s been reported that all staff have been cut to half-time across the board. Matthew helps to put this action into perspective–especially as it regards the Pacifica Foundation’s unwieldy governance structure–and explains why Pacifica, […]

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Pacifica Foundation Radio Logo

Pacifica Hires a New Executive Director, John Proffitt

The Pacifica Foundation has found a new executive director, more than a year after the organization’s national board fired former ED Summer Reese, who then occupied the foundation’s national offices for nearly two months until a judge issued a restraining order forcing her to leave. The new ED is John Proffitt, who served twenty-five years […]

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More Churn at Pacifica Radio

Unfortunately, just because the occupation of Pacifica Radio’s national office in Berkeley is over doesn’t mean that there aren’t troubles elsewhere in the network. Pacifica’s WBAI-FM in New York City is facing “imminent eviction” of its transmitter from the Empire State Building. That’s according to a recently surfaced report to the Pacifica National Board from […]

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KTVU at Pacifica Offices

Ousted Executive Director Summer Reese Occupies Pacifica Offices

Summer Reese, along with her mother and supporters, has been occupying the Pacifica Foundation’s offices in Berkeley, CA for almost ten days. Recall that Reese was abruptly fired from her position as Executive Director by the Pacifica National Board two weeks ago, without any public statements justifying the action. She and many others contest the […]

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