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Podcast 87 - Crossing Platforms

Podcast #87 – Crossing Platforms, from Radio to TV and Beyond

Community radio stations are not just transmitters and studios. Similarly, public access TV stations aren’t just cable channels with studios. They are community media platforms, with a privileged place and sense of permanence that comes from their FCC license or franchise agreement, respectively. This week we explore how community radio and public access TV can […]

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Northwest Community Media Gathers in Portland this Weekend

This weekend the Alliance for Community Media’s Northwest Chapter will hold its conference on March 31 and April 1 in Portland, OR, hosted by Open Signal community media. Although ACM has historically represented public access, educational and government cable television channels (so-called PEG channels), this event also invites community radio folks to participate. This cross-medium […]

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Community radio station KBOO's mural outside its building in Portland, Oregon. Photo: J. Waits

Touring Community Radio Station KBOO in Portland

Although I’d been to Portland, Oregon-based community radio station KBOO back in 2013 (when I did a crazy, jam-packed day of touring four radio stations), it was an unplanned, drop-in visit and didn’t warrant an official post. For that reason, I was glad to be able to schedule an proper visit when I was in […]

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KBOO Artist-in-Residence program accepting applications

Community radio station KBOO of Portland is now accepting applications for its 2015 artist-in-residence program. The program supports individuals who are “pushing themselves artistically using sound.” Each year the station awards some person or group twenty hours of studio/production time with a KBOO “Mixologist.” At the end the process the Resident’s creation will be publicly presented. […]

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Midnight tweets: Sun Ra at KBOO; open Philadelphia; Louisville late nite locker; Hell in San Francisco

Some quick twilight tweets from the Radio Survivor tweet-watch committee. Here’s what’s going on. From ARTxFM in Louisville: Midnight Locker now! — ARTxFM (@ARTxFM) October 7, 2014 From Radio Valencia in San Francisco: On Now: A Season in Hell with @JohnHell. Whether is’s punk, funk, or crunk, you’re sure to get an earful of […]

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It’s official: boring classical public radio format ensconced in Nashville

Last Friday Nashville Public Radio paid the cash necessary to finalize its ownership of WFCL Classical 91.1 FM, once Vanderbilt University’s vibrant student run radio station. I, a classical music/classical radio lover, decided to tune into the signal today and look the website over. Here’s my review: Zzzzzzzzzz. Yes, just what the world needs, another […]

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KBOO giving Thom Hartmann a try

A quick follow up to our post on Thom Hartmann and KBOO. After what appeared to be very lengthy deliberations, the Portland, Oregon based community radio station has began running part of Hartmann’s three hour show on a trial basis. “We’ve heard from a lot of you, from both sides of this question, and have […]

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