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Digital Watch: HD Radio Parent Is Acquired; NPR Podcasts Turn 10

Today iBiquity, the parent company behind HD Radio technology, was acquired by DTS, which is best known for creating multi-channel digital cinema sound systems. DTS is a public traded company, while the majority owners of privately held iBiquity are banks and private equity firms. The primary reason for the $172 million deal appears to be […]

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Podcasting News: WNYC Acquires New ‘Casts, Baseball Shows Blacked Out

In this week’s podcasting news: WNYC launches and acquires new podcasts; MLB and Apple accidentally black out baseball podcasts; Podcast-originated Comedy Bang! Bang! and Maron return to IFC. WNYC Acquires Two Podcasts, Launches a Third Further expanding the public radio podcast roster, New York’s WNYC announced three new shows. Two of the podcasts are hosted […]

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Podcast Survivor: Stitcher Awards 2013 open for nominations, Tom Scharpling turned down a Best Show paycheck, +more

In this week’s podcasting news we learn some new data about podcast listening, Stitcher opens award nominations, Tom Scharpling almost got paid for The Best Show, and the A/V Club drops its top podcasts of 2013. Tom Scharpling Turned Down a Salary at WFMU? Current writer Andrew Lapin catches up with Tom Scharpling to discuss […]

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Siri: your personal radio deejay?

I am checking out this YouTube preview of iTunes radio. Seems like a pretty functional service at first glance. You can customize channels and such, just as you can with Pandora, Spotify, Google All Access and the rest. But then there is the Siri interface. “Play Radiohead Radio,” the user commands. “Station Radiohead Radio playing!” […]

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iTunes “iRadio” will come out in the iFall (but do iCare?)

Apple has confirmed the long awaited expectations: some kind of iTunes based “iRadio” application should be available by the fall. The Washington Post article summarizes the subscription free service: “Using the firm’s Music app, users will be able to create digital radio stations based on their favorite artists or songs. Listeners can then tweak the […]

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Charting the Maturation of Podcasting

Charting the Maturation of Podcasting

On Tuesday Stitcher Radio announced the Stitcher List which is something like the Billboard Hot 100 for podcasts. Stitcher is a smartphone app that lets you listen to podcasts and other online radio on demand, with the “stitch” part of the name coming from the ability to create custom stations by stitching together different shows […]

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