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1965: the year the FCC helped FM radio take off

Here’s a broadcasting policy history question. Who said this? “Obviously it is a waste of valuable spectrum space to use two frequencies to bring the same material to the same location.” Believe it or not, it was the Federal Communications Commission in 1965. A year earlier agency ruled that no FM station broadcasting to a city […]

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FM in Norway Isn’t Dead, Says Norwegian Local Radio Association

Reports of FM’s death in Norway are premature. That’s according to the Norwegian Local Radio Association (NLF – Norse Lokalradio Forbund in Norwegian) which sent us a press release saying that 200 local commercial and community radio stations outside the country’s four largest cities will continue broadcasting in analog. Waves were made in the international […]

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Logo for Radio Nasaem-Syria

Reports say at least a dozen independent radio stations broadcasting in Syria

While Syria’s bloody civil war increasingly looks like a stalemate, and the US has held off on retaliatory bombing in favor of chemical weapons inspections, brave broadcasters are taking risks to bring free flowing information and news to the people of Syria through their radio dials. Where the local press is tightly controlled by the […]

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Tuned in to WTNG

Sprint to add FM radio to smartphones – too little, too late?

The biggest radio news to come out of CES this week was Sprint’s announcement that it struck a deal to integrate FM radio tuners in some of its smartphones. Radio listening will be available through the forthcoming NextRadio tuner app on Android and Windows devices, which Sprint says will offer, “a wide range of interactive […]

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Wireless industry blasts FM receiver mandate for mobiles

Six wireless industry related trade associations sent Congress a letter on Monday that  goes ballistic on the idea of mandating FM receivers in mobile handsets. The  groups wrote in opposition to a reported deal between the National Association of Broadcasters and the Recording Industry Association of America in which the former would agree to the […]

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