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Wireless broadband coalition: lift satellite radio price caps if Sirius gets off our back

Wireless broadband coalition: lift satellite radio price caps if Sirius gets off our back

The great war between Sirius satellite radio (SIRI) and the Wireless Communications System Coalition has taken another interesting turn as the Federal Communications Commission ponders whether to lift the price caps the FCC imposed on Sirius as a condition for its merger with XM in 2008. The WCS Coalition—backed by Comcast (CMCSA),  Nextwave (WAVE), and […]

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What the Comcast - Level 3 conflict means for radio

What the Comcast – Level 3 conflict means for radio

In a textbook example of the abusive power of a near-monopoly, the ‘net was set ablaze yesterday upon the news that major internet backbone provider and content distribution network (CDN) company Level 3 called out cable-modem internet service provide Comcast for demanding additional fees for delivering video and other content to Comcast customers. Comcast’s demands […]

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Radio One

Radio One endorses Comcast/NBCU merger

Radio One, the nation’s biggest African American oriented radio network, has endorsed the proposed Comcast/NBC Universal merger, now being evaluated by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice. Its CEO Alfred Liggins III praised Comcast for helping Radio One develop its TV One cable channel. “The result is that today, as one of […]

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Top radio device maker backs net neutrality

A gaggle of major Internet content companies say they support the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed new net neutrality rules, and the signers of their letter include Sony Electronics. “This framework will ensure that consumers have access to an open Internet, one that would preserve a level playing field for all participants,” they write. “And it […]

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Dempsey v. Firpo

Sirius XM accuses wireless companies of "warehousing" spectrum next door to satellite radio

The great accusation fest which is the struggle between Sirius XM (SIRI) satellite radio and a host of wireless companies went to its next round on Friday, with Sirius accusing the companies of “warehousing” their licenses nearby the service’s bandwidth: “There can be little question that WCS [Wireless Communications Service] licensees have warehoused spectrum in hopes of […]

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Mercedes Benz

Will the FCC's National Broadband Plan resolve Sirius XM's little war with big wireless?

As Federal Communications Commission watchers everywhere know, a huge part of the agency’s strategy to build out the nation’s broadband infrastructure will be to get more spectrum licenses to the wireless industry. In fact, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski says the Commission’s National Broadband Plan will propose freeing up 500 MHz over the next decade. And […]

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